• Highest Sales Percentages – ABS has one of the highest sales percentage in the industry which means that time is not wasted bidding on cars that are never going to be sold to you.
  • Great Mix of Cars – highly desirable fresh trades to frontline units from the best franchised dealers around!
  • No Run Numbers – Never miss a car again because it ran out of order.  Our cars do not have run numbers, rather they have run times which means a car goes on the block when it is supposed to run.
  • History – We have been in business since 1993 and continuously adapt to meet and lead the changing needs in the industry.
  • MyLane – ABS Live gives you the ability to watch only the cars that you are interested in cross the block.  
  • Transparency – With ABS Auction Simplified, you know who you are bidding against.  You won’t be bidding against the Coke machine (phantom bidders) in our lanes – we show you the competition.
  • Floor Plan – If you need some extra muscle in the lanes, ABS Finance can help with that.  Additionally, we accept numerous other floor plan providers.  Ask for details.
  • High Quality Inspections - ABS inspects every vehicle and we take multiple HD photos so that buyers have confidence in what they are bidding on.  Our inspections include ratings and pictures on every vehicle.
  • Book Sheets with Integrity – We book out every car with the assistance of Kelley Blue Book® KarPower.  Booksheets are in the window of every car and online for your convenience.  All booksheet information is fully guaranteed when the Inspection Guarantee is purchased. 
  • Inspection Guarantee – ABS’ proprietary program that brings confidence and security to our online buyers.  When a bidder views the detailed Condition Report they are automatically covered for all items not listed in that CR. 
  • Buyers Shield – An exclusive vehicle protection that comes standard on most vehicles sold through ABS.  It provides 3-month/500 mile dealer powertrain coverage PLUS 1-month/1,000 mile consumer powertrain coverage.  It is transferable from dealer to dealer while the vehicle is in dealer inventory and covers vehicles up to 175,000 miles.  Some restrictions apply.
  • ABS is Online…EVERYWHERE – Every car at any of our 11 sale locations can be viewed and bid on by any of our 2400+ registered bidders.
  • More Opportunities – With ABS’ Multi-Platform auction buyers have the ability to enter sealed, proxy or live bids on all fresh trades 7 days per week. Oops-you missed a car, well, you may be able to find it tomorrow in the Live Sale or the Weekend Sale. Still can’t find it? Call us, we may be able to hand sell it to you after it has run through the system. Don’t forget about our Frontline Live sale, too.

Experience the ABS SMART Service

Our industry leading customer service focuses on bringing you:
Service – Exceeding your expectations by anticipating your needs
Motivation – Strive for excellence through leading by example and positive energy
Attitude – A positive attitude will impact those around you
Respect -treat others the way you want to be treated
Team – Together we accomplish great things